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Whisper 1

" Whisper 1"  allude to a  repetition of abstract themes throughout the piece, and a non-cohesive or immersive atmosphere within the abstract context.  (Acrylic on canvas, Year 2019)

Whisper  2

"Whisper 2" suggests a visual representation that resonates with abstract elements. The term implies a reverberation or reflection of abstract qualities, such as , color, or gesture, within the artwork. It often indicates a sense of disruption or non connection between different elements, creating a dynamic and disharmonious visual experience. (Acrylic on canvas Year 2019)


 "Visions" in art capture the imaginative and often deeply personal aspects of the creative process, reflecting the artist's unique perspective and the images that drive their artistic endeavours.

(Acrylic on canvas on canvas, Year 2019)

An abstract journey to painting.JPG
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