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Cristina believes that in art and in the creation process intentionality and outcome have to stay separated.

Cristina has learned to navigate without attachment to predetermined results, and she has so put herself in a realm of endless choices and possibilities, realising that art is a journey and not a destination.

Her philosophy allows her to transcend from the mere tecnique to reach out a space where infinite possibilities emerge from unpredictable outcomes.

Unpredictability is a ground for innovation and originality. Her process of creating rather than following a linear trajectory of societal standards manifests itself in the continuous dialogue with error, imperfection and contradiction.

Detachment from judgement is important to liberate her creativity allowing her work to be authentic to herself.


This is a dialogue into abstraction and it suggests a dynamic conversation between the expressive movements of the artist's gestures and the concept of imperfection and contradiction.  (Acrylic on canvas, Year 2019)


The Lie

This painting implies the introduction to elements that interrupt  the usual harmony associated with landscapes of this painitng. This manifests as unexpected alterations in the colour palette, creating a sense of dynamism or unpredictability within the scenery of the canvas.  (Acrylic on canvas, Year 2008)


The dream

The painting suggests an artistic representation of a dreamlike imaginative space. It implies a departure from a literal depiction, allowing for the infusion of fantasy and abstraction.  (Oil on canvas, Year 2019)

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